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JUNE 21, 2017

How to Convert Your Facebook Followers into Customers in 5 Effective Steps

So, your Facebook page has achieved a big number of followers. Good for you! But how do you make business sense out of it? Gaining Facebook followers is just the first step and should be a means to an end. Simply put, you have to monetize these efforts through properly planned social media management aimed at converting likes into leads.

JRA shares 5 effective steps to turn your followers into real customers!

1. Plan, develop and implement a strategy.

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” This popular saying also holds true in social media. You need to have a solid strategy plan for your Facebook page. Effective content is based on not only knowing what you say; but more importantly on knowing how to say it and whom to say it to. Once you’ve built a strategy, make sure you follow its direction and not get lost in a maze of information.

2. Know your audience and create content for them.

Talk sensibly and they’ll listen. A powerful community platform, Facebook allows you to directly communicate with your audience. By understanding your audience, you will be able to develop content that effectively speaks through to them. When your content informs, entertains and engages your audience, they are more likely to come back to your page and make regular interactions. And the more likes, comments and shares you get, the higher your “EdgeRank Score” will be. This means more and more people will see your posts.

3. Showcase your uniqueness and strengths.

What makes you stand out? Just like in traditional marketing, your unique selling proposition (USP) needs to be creatively and effectively communicated through your content. By clearly seeing the exceptional qualities and benefits of your product or service, your fans will be encouraged to talk about you. Testimonials and reviews are very effective tools, as it’s easier to relate to real people talking about their experiences and interactions with products/services.

4. Convert your fans into leads.

Facebook’s ad revenues in the fourth quarter of 2016 were at $8.6bn wherein $7.2bn came from mobile advertising revenue. This only shows that the social media network can reach users that are away from their desktops or laptops. Advertisements can be done through the Facebook app or via Instagram which is also owned by Facebook.

5. Offer exclusivity and other incentives.

Make them feel special! Research shows that most Facebook users expect exclusive content from business pages. People who follow business pages are obviously interested in their specific products or services. By offering exclusive incentives to fans such as access to events, sales, downloads, etc., you will more likely attract them to visit your shop - be it online or physical - to purchase your product or avail of your service.

Ultimately, it’s about striking that fine balance between engaging and advertising. We at JRA have proudly mastered this art and we’ll be glad to help you optimize your Facebook business page to achieve your marketing objectives. Feel free to share your comments or ask us about this topic.


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