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AUGUST 5, 2018

5 Ways to Effectively Integrate Traditional Marketing into Digital Marketing

In this digital age, most advertisers will tell you that online marketing is the key to the hearts and minds of the consumers. And why not, when most people, especially the younger generation, spend most of their day online?

Reality check, however, reveals that not everyone is always online or is Internet savvy. Hence, by using only digital marketing , you are leaving out a chunk of your targeted audience. If you really want to optimize your brand or business to its fullest potential, the answer lies in combining traditional marketing and online marketing together.

So, how can you effectively utilize traditional marketing techniques with digital marketing tactics? Here are 5 ways!

1. Combine direct mail with email marketing.

Every advertiser is aware of the effectiveness of direct marketing when it comes to promoting products or services. In traditional marketing, postcards, flyers and letters are some of the direct marketing tools. In the digital world, this entails sending emails. You can increase your reach and improve your outcome by using both email and direct marketing to connect with your consumers.

2. Include digital channels in your print media.

Printed materials like posters, business cards, brochures, leaflets, etc. are fantastic ways to reach out to prospective customers. By mentioning your online channels in these printed materials, you will encourage consumers to follow your brand on social media or visit your website. Many print ads these days include a QR code that leads to the brand site or social media page. You may also convert your brochures, leaflets and posters into digital format, which you can upload on your website.

3. Promote local events online.

Events are a powerful traditional marketing tool that not only helps in building brand awareness, but also encourages local connections. You can utilize social media marketing to advertise and promote your local event. For instance, you can create a Facebook event page wherein you can invite users and share discussions about the event. You can also post e-invites on your social media pages and boost the posts. This way, you can create buzz around your local event and drive people to attend or participate.

4. Utilize copywriting effectively.

Content marketing may seem like a digital innovation, but its origin actually lies in traditional marketing. Whether it’s a print ad, TV commercial, promotional email or online advertisement, you need to be able to craft an engaging and compelling story to make sure that your brand will be memorable to your target audience. Well-crafted, articulate copy has the power to connect your brand with the readers, while simultaneously creating a unique brand identity. The copy on your print media channels can be just as effectively used across your digital marketing channels.

5. Conduct surveys to gather data.

Surveys prove to be a significant traditional marketing tool because without data and information about the customer journey, you cannot develop a results-driven strategy. The same applies for online marketing. A data-driven approach is vital for the success of your brand online. Just as traditional surveys are conducted on paper, either over the phone or face-to-face, you can create online surveys and disseminate questionnaires via your website, email and social media channels. A seamless integration of traditional marketing and digital marketing is what your brand needs to achieve success. Get in touch with JRA to know more about optimizing the results from your marketing efforts with the amazing combination of traditional and digital methods.


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